Cross-boundary Biogeosciences at Virginia Tech will help catalyze research within and across ecosystems. The aim is to bring together faculty and graduate students from various programs to discuss and synthesize knowledge on nutrient cycling processes.

The cross-boundary focus highlights our vision for the group to transcend:

  1. Systems boundaries: nutrient cycling within and across atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  2. Methods boundaries: field measurements, lab measurements, modeling, and remote sensing
  3. Spatial and temporal boundaries: integration of processes at microsites to the globe at second to century time-scales
  4. Institutional boundaries: representation from multiple Colleges and Departments at Virginia Tech

Activities include monthly breakfasts or lunches, guest lectures, graduate forums, and other social events.  The overall philosophy of the group is that good things come from getting together to talk about science.

If you are interested in being part of the Cross-Boundaries Biogeoscience group, join the list serve (biogeo-g+subscribe@vt.edu) or follow on twitter (@VTbiogeo).

Our group from the recent Flash Friday talks in November 2015.